Origin Story

Video Stat sheet was created in 2020 by me for the agency SIM Gratton and Associates. It was created as an easy, inexpensive way of evaluating players that applied for representation.

Of course there existed software specifically for this reason. But they were all very expensive or very complicated to learn and use. I am not a scout and while I have respect for the job that scouts do I have no intention of putting in the work needed to aquire the skills.

99% of the videos we receive are on YouTube. In order to use these off the shelf software program I would have needed to download the video from YouTube(which is becoming increasingly more difficult) and then load it into the software before using it. so I wanted something that would work with videos that were already posted on YouTube. Since nothing like this existed I decided to create it.

I have created a short demonstration video showing basically how the Video Stat Sheet works. There have been a few changes since this video but you can get a general idea of how it works